Online 6-session videos plus a downloadable study guide that you can print and make as many of copies of as you need.

Reclaiming Revelation Videos & Study Guide

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  • In this 6-part video series with study guide for either individual or group study, Biblical scholars discuss and critique modern rapture and end-times interpretations in order to reclaim the prophetic voice Revelation was originally intended to convey. Go on a journey through God's vision of our world - a vision of the past, the present, and the future.


    Session Overviews

    • Session 1: Leaving the Rapture Behind (TRT 27 min 15 sec) WATCH SAMPLE VIDEO
      Drs. Matthew Skinner & Karoline Lewis engage modern interpretations and understandings of Revelation by examining the scriptural basis and flaws behind "the rapture" and premillennial dispensationalism.
    • Session 2: Christ & The Churches (TRT: 23 min 23 sec)
      This session examines the purposes of apocalyptic literature in the first century and the seven churches Revelation was originally written.
    • Session 3: Warning & Promise (TRT: 30 min 33 sec)
      The warnings of the seals and trumpet judgments are explored.
    • Session 4: The Woman & The Beast (TRT: 27 min 11 sec)
      Who is the beast, and what does its presence in our world signify?
    • Session 5: Armageddon (TRT: 28 min, 4 sec)
      Armageddon brings associations of ultimate death and destruction - but is this what Armageddon is really about?
    • Session 6: New Heaven & New Earth (TRT: 23 min, 10 sec)
      Revelation concludes with a vision of healing and new life as God descends to earth to dwell with his people.