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Introducing Rebecca J. Craig

Author · Artist · Pastor

As an author, artist and pastor, I am passionate about weaving together spiritual issues through both writing and artistic expression in new and meaningful ways. Drawing from my background in story development for Disney Animation, I create both stories and paintings that reflect deep-rooted truths in unique, visually-stunning ways. My soon to be released memoir,  'Once Upon a Nightmare" seeks to bring hope and inspiration to those who need it most through the melding of these talents.

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My Professional Journey

This unique and rare insight into the raw emotional trauma and spiritual healing from narcissistic abuse is brought to life through both words and canvas in this vulnerable and starkly honest memoir. Steeped in the stories of “fairy tales” and “happily ever after” promises, it reveals the hardness of life a female pastor faces when exposed to the reality of narcissistic and abusive relationships. From Hollywood to parish ministry, "Once Upon a Nightmare" navigates the upside-down wonderland of lies, gaslighting, and federal prison she fell into, leaving her questioning her life and faith. Told through the lens of her own artwork, it's an affirming read for those who have been exposed to this reality and explores how the church both helped--and hindered--recovery.



I love creating pieces that are both evocative and thought-provoking. One of my favorite styles is what I call “spiritual surrealism,” which blends whimsical and fantastical images with messages of faith and hope. Through my paintings, I hope to inspire people to see the world in a new and beautiful way, one that is full of meaning and purpose. Filled with vivid colors, intricate details, and rich symbolism, each piece tells a unique story about my life. 


With a background in broadcast journalism and Hollywood, I enjoy also taking my story-telling and artistic talents to video-based mediums to help others delve more deeply into scripture and their spiritual lives. I've created two video-based projects thus far: Reclaiming Revelation and Pathways. Reclaiming Revelation is a 6 part video series where Biblical scholars discuss and critique modern rapture and end-times interpretations in order to reclaim the prophetic voice Revelation was originally intended to convey. Pathways is a 17-part video discipleship series that helps participants deepen their prayer life, how to study the Bible, and how to put their faith into action. 


Inspired by the "Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Anderson, this children's book follows the adventures of Monty,  a Corgi who has short, stumpy legs and no tail. But when the queen's crown is stolen, the very things that make Monty different, also make him a hero. Written by A.H. Kay and Illustrated by Rebecca Craig.


"The beauty of both scripture and art. is they are both encounters with the divine – and how we interpret that encounter. The Bible allows me to hear God’s Word proclaimed, to understand God's self-revelation that delivers to us God's will and love. Visual art expresses that, too. Many of my paintings are based on a scriptural reference or story – not how I might literally envision it, but helps convey how I understand it. How it works in my life."

Rebecca J. Craig


Rebecca J. Craig

Author · Artist · Pastor

My hope is that both my writing and my art does more than just make you think it’s interesting or pretty – I hope it touches a part of your soul. I hope it raises questions. I hope it makes you think more deeply about how God is at work not just in your life – but in the world.

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