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Is this the end?

In this 6-part video series with study guide for either individual or group study, Biblical scholars discuss and critique modern rapture and end-times interpretations in order to reclaim the prophetic voice Revelation was originally intended to convey. Go on a journey through God's vision of our world - a vision of the past, the present, and the future.

Modern end-times enthusiasts are constantly warning that the end of the world is near. They point to events in the Middle East, Russia, and other various countries to insist that "the rapture" is near, Armageddon is looming, and claim events are unfolding exactly as Revelation has foretold. Is this the most helpful—and accurate—understanding of Revelation, however? For hundreds of years, doomsday prophets have been claiming that surely their generation is living in the end-times and point to Revelation as their proof. In every case, such an end never came to pass. In our current world, books and movies like Left Behind have heightened people's anxieties and furthered a theology of the rapture and escapism that could have lasting consequences. 

The question that must be asked, then, is: was this how Revelation was meant to be understood? As a roadmap to the future that spells out our imminent doom? Or is there another message within its pages that gives hope for our future and calls us to turn away from the forces that seek to destroy our world?

This series explores an alternative way to approach our understanding of Revelation that examines both the original circumstances into which Revelation was written, as well as what messages of warning and promise it continues to convey to us today. New Testament scholars Dr. Matthew Skinner and Dr. Karoline Lewis from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, weigh in throughout the series, lending insights into the the world out of which Revelation originally emerged and focus on the primary theme of the book itself—the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

Contributing Scholars


Dr. Karoline Lewis, Professor and Marbury E. Anderson Chair of Biblical Preaching - Luther Seminary
Karoline M. Lewis is currently a Professor of Biblical Preaching and the Marbury E. Anderson Chair of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has held adjunct faculty positions at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Candler School of Theology in Atlanta and Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga. She was also adjunct faculty in the Bible division at Luther Seminary from 1994 to 1995 and in 2006. She is a member of the American Academy of Religion, Academy of Homiletics and the Society of Biblical Literature, for which she also serves as president for the Upper Midwest Region. She has served as associate editor for the journal Word & World and as the chair of the leadership division at Luther Seminary. Click to read Dr. Lewis' full bio


Dr. Matthew L. Skinner, Professor of New Testament - Luther Seminary
Matthew L. Skinner is currently a Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He earned his graduate degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he also served as a teaching fellow and visiting lecturer prior to accepting a call to Luther Seminary. He received the A.B. degree magna cum laude, with a concentration in philosophy, from Brown University, his M.Div. and Ph.D. degree in Biblical Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has done advanced research at the Center of Theological Inquiry, where he was a member-in-residence during academic year 2008-2009 and a writing fellow during summer 2010. Click to read Dr. Skinner's full bio


Unsolicited Endorsement: We just finished week 4 of Reclaiming Revelation. The people in my congregation who have been taking this class have found it eye-opening in a number of ways. It is not only helping them read Revelation in a different way, it is helping them pay more attention to how they've been reading the entire Bible. The discussion has been terrific. Pr. Rebecca Craig has put together a very well produced DVD and study guide. I can't recommend this 6-week study highly enough."  

- Rev. J. Steven Beckham, Long Beach, CA

Reclaiming Revelation leaves Left Behind behind, helps you cut through the apocalyptic Schadenfreude that pervades American culture, and redirects us towards a hopeful, amillennial reading of the book that underpins so much of Christian worship.

 - Rev. Ted Carnahan, Holdrege, NE

I did the Reclaiming Revelation study back last fall, and my congregation loved it! It sparked all kinds of great discussion about being people of faith in the midst of oppression and chaos. Folks really appreciated this study and it demystified the Book of Revelation. Thanks for putting together this wonderful study. 

- Rev. Dr. Regina Kinney, Wilton, OH

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