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Once Upon a Nightmare:
Through the Looking Glass of Narcissistic Abuse

From Hollywood to the parish, this moving memoir tells the tale of a how a pastor's quest to fulfill the simple dream of "happily ever after" turned into an upside-down wonderland of narcissistic abuse, lies and federal prison. Weaving together faith, fairy tales and art, this is a haunting tale of why you should never settle for Prince "Good Enough." 

RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2024
from Quoir Publishing

Reader Reviews

“Been in the gym for 25 mins and haven’t done a thing because I’ve been on my phone reading your book. Very captivating!!”

Jamel Salter

"This book is an affirming read for those who have been exposed to the realities of narcissistic abuse, and a revealing exposé for those who have not (or have not yet) been exposed to such behavior."

Pr. Maryanne Kehlenbach

"This sharp-edged book should be required reading for anyone who deigns to call themselves a religious leader, or who needs hope and solidarity in the midst of an abusive situation."

Pr. Robyn Dee

"Once Upon a Nightmare is not solely a story of trauma and overcoming impossible circumstances, but more importantly a look at healing through one of God’s gifts—the author’s artwork."

Laura Hennon

“I plowed through rather quickly despite having so much on my plate because it kept me captivated. It was enjoyable despite a tough subject matter.”

Pr. Michelle Wahila

"Reading this is just like having a conversation with you! I'm only four chapters in but it's so good!"

Pr. Cassie Kleifgen

Author Endorsements

"Pastor Rebecca's powerful testimony threads together vivid dreams, original artwork, profound theology and lived experience in order to reclaim the essential role of women's intuition and wisdom within our complex relational lives. She weaves a richly-layered narrative that illustrates the shadow side of empathy, compassion, duty, and forgiveness, traits that women are often conditioned to embody yet which are dangerously manipulated by others. Through deep self-reflection, Pastor Rebecca unearths the often-silenced realities of psychological abuse within her own marriage and her vocation as an ordained pastor, with the hope that her own trauma recovery will help other women escape the snares of narcissistic behaviors that surround them."


Rev. Lynn Horan, PhD, Scholar of Gender, Religion and Leadership (Antioch University, Graduate School of Leadership and Change), Owner of Women's Holistic Leadership and Live Development, Author of "Activism, Performance, and Spiritual Ritual: Towards a Phenomenology of Embodied Social Change" in Leadership at the Spiritual Edge: Emerging and Non-Western Concepts of Leadership and Spirituality (Routledge, 2024).

Monty: A Tale of No Tail

I put my illustration skills to use in this children's book by A.H. Kay that follows the adventures of a Corgi, based on the story of the "Ugly Duckling."

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